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Project Management Tips to Save Time Without Cutting Corners


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Jan 20, 2024
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When it comes to project management, it can be challenging to ensure you stay on track, given the reliance on so many people to complete on time. However, there are things you can do in an attempt to save time but without cutting corners. Continue reading to see if these tips could help you with your role.

Project management tips to save time without cutting corners

  1. Get the right team

Establishing the right team for the job is the most important start you can have when it comes to project management.

If the workers are not experienced in a particular area or as dedicated to the project as they need to be, you may quickly realize that things aren’t going to progress as quickly as you and your clients would like them to.

It may be that you are allocated the staff and unable to cherry-pick. If this is the case, spend a little time setting out your expectations to start with and encouraging everyone to get on board.

  1. Delegate where you can

When it comes to project management, it is vital that you do not take on too much for yourself.

Delegating to the right people will ensure that you ease the load somewhat and can oversee the project much more easily.

It could also mean that you can give parts of the workload to people who have a better skillset more suited to certain roles, meaning overall that the work will be done to a higher standard with less room for error, thus saving time and increasing productivity.

  1. Effective communication

When it comes to ensuring that everything is on track, communicating effectively is key.

Unfortunately, with how busy people are when working, especially if there are a number of teams, it can be tricky to get the right balance. In this technological age, software can be useful to help everyone be up to speed with developments and what they ought to be doing.

For example, electrical contractor software can ensure all the information is in one place and easily accessible.

Everyone receives the same key messages, meaning there are fewer opportunities for confusion and thus extra time being added onto the project.

  1. Buy from fewer people

When it comes to supplies, buying from fewer people will certainly help you to save time.

Although it may on the surface look as though you will be spending a little more money on materials, the lower number of deliveries or collections along with the reduced amount of paperwork equate to a huge saving in time.

  1. Manage expectations

Before embarking on any project, it is vital that you establish firm goals and expectations between yourself and the clients.

Doing this will ensure that they understand exactly what they will be getting and within whatever timeframe you are able to deliver.

Additionally, taking a clear approach will help you to reduce the number of calls from the clients asking for changes that you have not planned for and would not be able to accommodate.

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