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How To Clean Artificial And Fake Silk Flower Arrangements


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Jan 20, 2024
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Learn how to clean artificial and fake silk flower arrangements to keep them looking good for longer. Fresh flowers are awesome and great to look at. Creating and placing different floral designs of fresh-cut flowers in vases brings instant color and pop to any space. Fresh flowers are used to bring joy and lighten the mood even in sad moments. Most people love flowers and often include them as decoration on many types of occasions. However, some people cannot be near fresh flowers and floral designs. People who are allergic to flower pollen have to avoid them.

People with such allergies find artificial or fake silk blooms as appropriate alternatives. There are several benefits to using artificial blooms when decorating a space. As mentioned above, artificial blooms bring the wonder and joy of flower spaces without triggering sensitivity to anyone.

Fake blooms are also preferred by some people because they are practical. Fresh flowers are significantly more expensive compared to artificial flowers. The fresh flowers also require constant attention such as adding water and also have a short shelf life of several days.

Fake or silk blooms are the complete opposite. They are relatively inexpensive and can last for a substantially long time as long as they receive excellent care. However, there are of course some disadvantages to using artificial silk blooms. One of them is that they can sometimes look too fake. However, there are artificial flowers that look almost as good as real flowers such as the” Real Touch Flowers”.

Why Clean Artificial And Fake Silk Flower Arrangements?​

Even if artificial and fake silk blooms aren’t real flowers, they still must be cared for. It’s very easy to stick them in a beautiful vase, position them in the desired location and forget all about them. These flowers don’t need a change of water every few days or moving them around to reduce or increase light exposure.

However, artificial silk blooms need cleaning because they gather dust. Allowing a layer of dust to gather on the leaves and petals of fake silk blooms causes them to lose their beauty and shine.

Dust on the leaves and petals can also trigger allergic sensitivity in people. Therefore, to maintain the vibrancy of the silk flowers, you have to make a point to clean them frequently.

The cleaning process doesn’t have to be difficult especially when performed frequently. It can be as simple as giving them a dusting with a lightweight feather once weekly. Your artificial silk blooms will maintain the beautiful and new look they had the first time you brought them home from the shop.

How To Clean Artificial And Fake Silk Flower Arrangements?​

Cleaning artificial flowers step-by-step guide:

1. Separate the branches of your artificial arrangement. If the branches are attached and cannot be separated leave them as they are. If your arrangement has detachable leaves and blossoms separate them too. You want to separate the parts as much as possible.

2. Take the arrangement to an empty sink or any space where you will be to clean them properly without creating a mess. Large arrangements such as those bought in planters and pots might require to be cleaned outside.

3. It is critical to check and make sure that your fake silk blooms don’t have paper fillings. If they have paper fillings you don’t want to get them wet at all, otherwise, you will irreversibly damage them. You can use other ways of cleaning fake flowers without using water.

4. Some artificial arrangement is designed in metal containers such as copper or brass. It’s advisable to cover the container first with a plastic sheet to avoid water getting on these parts. Also, ensure that as you conduct the cleaning and even after the cleaning process all the metallic parts remain free of any water. Any moisture or water droplets left on the metallic surfaces and items will cause them to rust and rot.

5. It is also important to give the flowers a decent feather dusting before you get any of them wet. Dusting the excess dust and dirt minimizes the likelihood of the dust particles clumping and discoloring the flowers.

6. If you have tiny silk flower arrangements, you can just use a small water spray bottle or a misting bottle. Use them to apply water thoroughly to the arrangement. After the floral arrangements have been properly cleaned, shake the leaves and blooms gently to get all the water out. Put them aside and allow them to dry slowly.

7. If you have large silk flower arrangements usually set in containers, dust them down before using any water. Next, hose them down outside while keeping the spray pressure light to avoid damaging them. Once you are satisfied you have removed all the dirt, shake excess water out from the leaves and flowers. Set the whole thing aside and let it dry.

9. For best cleaning practices, clean the fake flowers once every three to six months. In between the cleaning cycles, dust your fake arrangements every day or as frequently as is possible.

Alternative Methods of Cleaning Artificial Fake Silk Flowers​

There are very many types of silk flowers available in the market. Some of them can’t be cleaned using water. This is especially the case with any type of flowers that are made with any form of paper.

If you want to clean a small arrangement, you can put it in a paper bag or plastic and add some coarse salt. Shake the bag until the flowers are all clean and free of dust and dirt. Salt absorbs the dirt and dust leaving your small silk flowers all clean. If you don’t have salt you can also use baking soda.

If you have silk flowers that are made with materials that can withstand heat, you can clean them using a blow-drier. Set the blow drier at minimum heat to reduce the risk of damaging the leaves.

The last alternative is to use an ozone-safe aerosol spray cleaner. There are some aerosol spray cleaners specially developed for artificial flower cleaning and will not cause any damage.


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How To Clean Artificial flowers And Fake Silk Flower Arrangements
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