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20 Home Office Decoration Ideas


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Jan 20, 2024
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I cannot emphasize enough the fact that how a dedicated workspace while working at home has an effect on your productivity and overall mood. While it tunes out distractions of a functioning home with members going about their day, keeping it decorated to match your vibe can inspire creativity.

Home Office Decoration

A thoughtfully cured home office space will let you enjoy the surroundings while working out that last bit of the to-do list. Here in this blog post, I list 20 ways to decorate your home office without having to call for a professional.

1. Minimalism is the perfect amount of something

There are ample reasons minimalism is the trend of the decade be it fashion, lifestyle, or your home office decor.

A simple clutter-free space with simple furnishings and easy-to-process colors does not strain your vision. It has its own way of liberating your mind and sparking productivity.

2. Keep it bright


Bright light is an aid to your otherwise dull thought process. A bright home office with a natural light source can be helpful to wake up your senses in the morning and offer you a great place to think and create.

Bright natural light can cut down on eye strain and headaches. In absence of natural light or for the evening hours set up a table lamp on the desk

3. An accent wall brings out the oomph factor

Make at least one wall in your home office stand out. Go for a quirky wallpaper or a contrasting color on the wall to make an impact.

4. Acknowledge the need for ample storage


Storage is integral for any home office as there will always be more office supplies than you can manage. Organizing is the primary factor in making things look less chaotic.

If you have the budget go for customized built-in storage from floor to ceiling to maximize every inch of your home office space. Other than that cabinets with pull-out drawers serves the purpose

5. Compliment your office decor with the overall statement of the house

In addition for your home office space to be functional and private, it also needs to match up with the design or the palette of the entire home

6. Lookout to a view

Bring up your desk to overlook the window to a surreal nature view. Not to worry if you are not blessed with a view but annoying traffic, a pretty picture mounted on a wall or your vision board does the job.

7. Upgrade your tech setup

It is very elementary for a remote employee working from a home office setup to have a smooth functioning tech setup.

Invest in a wide-screen monitor, an ergonomic keyboard, and noise-canceling headphones. For comfort invest in blue light-filtering glasses and stress balls.

8. Invest in an ergonomic chair

You will spend hours of your life sitting in your office chair. An ergonomically designed chair will not only make your time in the office comfortable but save you from potential spine problems.

9. Add a hint of freshness to the air by installing live plants

Love how the sight of green makes you feel all fresh and bubbly? Bring in a small green buddy at your home office for a hint of freshness and add an aesthetic appeal. Bring a low-maintenance easy-to-keep plant if you are afraid of killing it.

10. Keep the work desk clutter-free

Clearing away everything after work and reassembling it when you sit down is the key to keeping your desk from piling up with junk. Other than that make sure that your digital devices are close to the outlets. Encase the cords on the desk by hard covers and feed the cords into a cap that hides the cords. Unwind the cord mess behind with cord winders or wire organizers.

11. Don’t overdo it

Your office is different from your home. Thus even if it is a thing to overdo your home with decorations, art pieces, and paraphernalia, your office needs to stay away from all that clutter.

Please refrain from treating your office as a blank canvas to fulfill all your art desires at a go. The lesser, the better.

12. Setup a mini library

A home office is a perfect place for you to set up a library you can opt for all work and productivity collection or a mix and match of everything like fiction, finance, science, and productivity.

13. Install holders in the drawers

Store all your office supplies in containers and baskets rather than just stashing all of them away in your drawer. Categorize and place like items together.

14. Utilize the wall space

Make up a gallery wall or prop an inspiration board. You can also use your wall space to hang filing systems, calendar to track events, shelving, etc. Vertical space utilization can be very effective for small office spaces.

15. Build a coffee counter

You won’t have to walk up to the kitchen for your caffeine breaks anymore if you install a mini coffee bar at your home office. Keep all the essentials like the cup to the pods stashed away in a concealed cabinet with only the press on the countertop.

16. Hang art pieces

Your home office could be the perfect area for you to experiment with art choices and furniture as is it not a common space. Go and add the beautiful art piece your partner didn’t approve to put up in the living room.

17. Up-cycle unused furniture

Decorating your office space always doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You can always use the otherwise unused piece of furniture that has been lying around by giving it a new look. I had collected pieces from garage sales to keep in my office cubicle.

18. Add a cozy sofa

Adding a little comfort to your otherwise military home office wont hurt your productivity. Add a cozy sofa for winding out at intervals. Add a homely touch by throwing in a blanket and a throw pillow.

19. A little show-off won’t hurt

Instead of hiding your hard-earned trophies in storage, put them to work in your home office. Set up a corner where you show all your cherished pieces of possession, like the medal you won at the essay competition while you were still a high school student or the recent best employee of the year award. These are small inspirations that keep you going

20. Put in the personal touch

Your space is reflective of the person you are, so put in that personal touch. A picture of your family as a standby at the work desk will make you remember why you are doing things that you are doing. Put up the violin you learned to play when you were young and in love to stir up your muse.

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